CatholicMatch Reviews by Users & Experts Best Reviews can work, but I’m 58 and not looking for a marriage partner. I’m too old for marriage, and all the women they matched me with were either widows, divorcees who needed to get annulments, or a few single women. I did not see one profile in the hundreds I reviewed that attracted me. Frankly the quality of the prospect pool for my age range was dismal. 50 plus members will have a very hard time out there on any dating website because you’re dealing with leftovers. Hate to say it like that, but all I found were people nobody out there wants.

  • You can customize the age, location, race, body type, and others.
  • They’ll also be displayed in your profile for other members to see.
  • Basically don’t have any specifics, I’m not just scared to inquire of during an online chat.
  • Standard members may have had it easy when it came to signing up and profile customization, but not so much with contacting other members.

If you wish to widen your search from there with a handful of more targeted matches, add Catholic Match into the mix. The site asks very specific questions regarding your beliefs, so if finding a like-minded Catholic is very important, this is the site for you. Here are the main advantages & disadvantages of CatholicMatch. As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

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Basically don’t have any specifics, I’m not just scared to inquire of during an online chat. In my opinion really it is vital that you recognize each other greater before getting a genuine big date. Their reasoning is that my photo looks too young. They consistently messaged me asking for personal information. I’m not giving my social/DL etc. to these people. He paid for an account and then they suspended him!

You cannot message the users without a premium subscription. People who write reviews have ownership to edit or delete them at any time, and they’ll be displayed as long as an account is active. Catholic Match is like a great many other dating sites. The vast majority of «users» were sleeping members ie their subscriptions had run out years ago or they never joined in the first place.

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It’s simple math, the older you are the less likely you will meet anyone worth your time. The winners have a partner, and the rest well…nice folks who have no value in the dating world.

They have a ton of different ways for you to search through the matches including a few unique ones we hadn’t seen before. They had a photo collage of all the new photos that had been uploaded to the site that you could click on and then go to that match. Don’t want kids and their ideal number of kids is two? Wan’t someone willing to relocate to where you are but they put that they can’t? It might be best to try with someone else in your area or that is willing to relocate.

CatholicMatch is one of the only dating sites to offer a guarantee policy. Qualified members can receive a free six-month membership extension if they do not find a successful match during their first six-month subscription period. Instead, the site is obsessed with fostering divisive attitudes among Catholics. It makes you fill out a religious litmus test in order to have a profile. First of all, these matters are often private–things to be discussed with a priest or other religious authority, not blabbed on a profile. Second of all, the answers that people have to these questions are rarely so black-and-white .

The downside is that they have a zero tolerance policy and will not show any empathy for your situation. The ladies in customer service run a tight ship and only communicate via e-mail.

I asked for a phone call to clarify what happened and they outright refuse to talk and there isn’t even a direct phone number to call in. Catholic Match is the best Catholic dating site so if you decide to join, play by the rules and use your better judgment otherwise they aren’t shy about banning you. If they decide to cancel your membership, they will refund you the full amount. This is not just for CatholicMatch members, but for Catholics singles the world over, and there is nothing else like it online for Catholics.

Besides, this service membership was well-organized and established. Catholic Match states that they use Google Analytics to gather information about the usage of the website and display advertising based on someone’s past visits to its website.

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