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Meanwhile, Infrastructure as Code lets you manage your IT infrastructure using the configuration files. Unlike the how to become a devops engineer past, now Ops can specify the stack once as a declarative configuration file and can deploy multiple times.

A certification on your resume instantly professionalizes you in your field. Every project that you build should be automated using tools such as Terraform and code uploaded to GitHub. This will make the project reusable, much easier to troubleshoot, and most importantly, you will use it as a portfolio to show to your potential employers. Having an actual project built from scratch sets you up for success. It shows future employers that you have the skills for their job and are ready to jump right into the work.

Adopt Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment tools.

Similarly to Linux, you don’t need to be a Networking expert, but you do need some general understanding of key concepts. Below the frontend is the application tier, also referred to as the backend. Think of the backend as the middleman—it processes and stores the data received from the frontend and also extracts results from the layer below it, the data layer. As an aspiring DevOps engineer, start by understanding architecture systems. Please know that while all the DevOps-y things can certainly be done with Windows, it is far more painful and the job opportunities are far fewer.

how to become a devops engineer

In order for you to automate workloads in a given cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.), you need a firm grasp of their specific semantics. You’ll need to know what resources are available, how they’re organized, and what properties they have. In DevOps, you’re not installing a server once and then logging in every now and then to perform a few admin tasks. You need to understand how to create highly customized Linux images from the ground up, both for VM and container use cases — unless you plan to become a Windows Server DevOps engineer. Below are some simple steps that will allow you to kick start your career as a DevOps engineer. Imagine if we can virtualize the hardware and create a copy of the existing network, the dev team, and the ops team can work together and be in sync.

DevOps Engineer Skills

DevOps interns typically build tools that support software development teams, test applications, and research new technologies. In any case, an internship is a great way to gain practical experience and develop your professional network. In DevOps, we deliver infrastructure in a similar way to applications.

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You interact with Linux every day — it runs on everything from routers and smart home devices to automobiles and gaming consoles. Many of the most popular names in technology — Android, Chromebook, Tesla, and others — run on a Linux Kernel. Spacelift is a CI/CD platform for infrastructure-as-code that supports tools like Terraform, Pulumi, Kubernetes, and more. For example, it enablespolicy-as-code, which lets you define policies and rules that govern your infrastructure automatically. You can even invite your security and compliance teams to collaborate on and approve certain workflows and policies for parts that require a more manual approach. For legacy workloads you may automate the creation of a VM image.

What are some common challenges with implementing DevOps?

During deployment, you’ll take your code from version control to users of your application. Automation is a key component of this step, and Jenkins is the central way to automate. Configuration management is at the heart of fast software development. Poorly configured tools waste time, while well-configured tools save it. Start your DevOps engineer roadmap by looking through the skills list above. If not, be honest about the time you’ll need to spend to learn them. But don’t stress about getting everything perfect before you start.

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